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About Us

We’re Northwest of Banking. We do most of the
things that banks do, but we do them for different
reasons and that changes everything. Like banks,
we still have to bring the greatest profit we can to
our shareholders, but our shareholders are the
people that bank with us. We call them members
and we see them face-to-face every day at the
teller counter or the drive up window. Since every
member is a part owner, this means we have
different priorities than a corporately owned
institution. And that’s just the beginning! Read
more about what makes us stand out.

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Topic Summary
Who can join Northwest Community? We serve some of the most populated counties in Oregon and estimate that around 80% of Oregonians can join. See if the county you live or work in is in our service area.
Mission and History Our credit union was founded by local workers right here in Oregon in 1949. Even though the times have changed, our mission is still the same: We’re here to help our members and communities save money and build wealth. Read more about where we come from and what we believe in on our Mission and History page.
How are credit unions and banks different? Learn about what makes banking at a credit union different and why credit union members need to be sure their voices are heard by our representatives in the government.
Meet our Leadership Our leadership is made up of employees and elected credit union members who collaborate to make sure that . We invite you to meet our all-volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee and our Executive Leadership Team members