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It’s our duty and pleasure to help our communities thrive.

As a community credit union, we put a lot of emphasis on the community part. Without our members and our communities, we wouldn’t be here. We’re member-owned – so everything we do for our communities is for our members whether directly or indirectly. We’re serving the greater good of the places where we all live.

We’re proud of ongoing programs and efforts that we strive to improve year after year. These include:  Project Community – our way of giving back to educators by providing resources for public schools or non-profits who educate youth; Scholarships – each year we award scholarships to assist new and continuing students in achieving their higher education goals; Reality Fairs – we go into schools and give kids a hands-on way of thinking about money and finances; and general community giving. We’re not-for-profit and likewise, we support other not-for-profit and non-profit organizations to keep our communities well-rounded and strong. This past year, we donated above and beyond our usual giving for what we have classified as crisis support; this included the Eugene Mission, which suffered a major fire. 

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We are committed to our founders’ vision of honoring the dignity of each member we serve.

We made investments in several of our branches in 2016, which included new monitors and equipment so our employees could better serve members, new carpet and chairs to ensure our spaces were warm and welcoming, and the highlight for our members—new coin counters! Four branches received these and members really have enjoyed them. If you happen to be near our Bend, Grants Pass, North Bend, or Roseburg branches, check them out!

We also took time to highlight just a few of our uncommon members in what we called Uncommon Oregonians. If you haven’t seen any of these features, they’re still available to view online: https://nwcu.com/insidecommunity/uncommon-oregonians.


We believe in providing our employees an environment where they can flourish personally and professionally.

A great customer (or member) experience starts with happy employees. Here at NWCU, we take this seriously, and 2016 was full of accomplishments and flourishing staff. During those 12 months, 77 employees advanced internally to new positions! On top of this, over 200 obtained training in everything from CPR and first aid to various job-related certifications such as Teller Training, MSS Training, Process Improvement certification and much more!

But we know that flourishing at work is only part of the equation, and so we extend this to personal health and happiness also. Sometimes this means puppies in the office, yoga on the rooftop, or a friendly Jenga competition in the atrium—to name a few fun events that kept us smiling, laughing, and flourishing.

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We are dedicated to growing member wealth & well-being through high-value financial products and services.

When it comes down to it, we’re here to provide financial support for our members. Not all financial products and services are created equal. We’re constantly looking to introduce new products and services that will improve our members’ financial well-being.

This year we introduced two really exciting new products: Save to Win certificates and Custom Construction loans. Save to Win encourages members to save and makes it easy. You can start with as little as $25, and each time you deposit an additional $25, you’re entered to win cash prizes! Existing home inventory is at an all-time low, so we introduced Custom Construction loans to allow people to build their dream homes. We not only started offering this product in 2016, we also began providing free community seminars to talk about the entire process. Those seminars included realtors and builders, showcasing community partnerships working together to meet the needs of our members.

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President’s Message – John Iglesias

I am proud that our employees’ work to provide Uncommon Care can have such a dramatic result in members’ lives. We know it’s vital to have a financial partner help with the strategy to grow your wealth, and when we extend this commitment into our community, great things can grow.

More than 100 of NWCU staff – including me—participated in one or more Project Community surprise awards at 48 schools in 2016, and it was rewarding for all of us to experience the genuine joy and gratitude these awards inspired in students and their educators.

I was inspired by the total number of current and future students impacted by improvements and programs we helped foster. Northwest Community is affecting children individually – every dollar of our support helps teachers direct projects with hands-on learning that means something. It’s gratifying to be a part of something so transformative.


From the Board Chair – Brad Anderson

Our members have saved $226,306 in 624 new Save to Win accounts since the program launch in April of 2016.  Of the nine credit unions offering Save to Win, we are the leader with more than half - 58% - of all Oregon Save to Win new accounts opened. I’m really pleased with the success of this program, because it illustrates our core values in action: We are dedicated to assisting our members grow their wealth.

NWCU financial performance in 2016 demonstrated the highest net income in our history. All of this success means that members are getting full value in their financial relationship with us. In 2016, Northwest Community members realized an average of $88 per member in direct savings across our entire membership – more than $9 million dollars. That savings represents an increase in the members’ buying power, available to go right back into circulation in the economy by members. This is just one of the “multiplier effects” of the credit union described by ECO Northwest, which represent additional rounds of spending associated with credit union member benefits and credit union spending and wages.

In 2016, this economic activity by Northwest Community Credit Union was estimated to contribute more than $120 million of indirect and induced impacts to our local community economies throughout the state.

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From the Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee represents the interests of the Credit Union’s Members and is appointed by the Board of Directors.  Oregon law requires the board to appoint a supervisory committee.  Our Bylaws stipulate various Committee responsibilities—basically to be the “watchdogs” of the credit union.  We take that responsibility very seriously.  One of the primary functions of the Supervisory Committee is to oversee the annual audit of the Credit Union’s Financial Statements. To accomplish this requirement, our Committee retained the services of Jones and Roth, PC.  Their audit was performed as of December 31, 2016.

Their audit employed generally accepted auditing standards and was designed to comply with the guidelines of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Division of Finance and Corporate Securities.  The report disclosed no major audit exceptions.  Recommendations relative to procedural matters were made and discussed with the Credit Union’s Executive Management Team, Supervisory Committee, and Internal Audit Director, and progress made toward resolution of these recommendations will be monitored by our Committee during this next year.  The Financial Statements fairly represented the financial position and results of the credit union’s operations as of the Audit Date.

A secondary function of the Supervisory Committee is to oversee the vulnerability and management of the internal computer network systems. This audit was performed by TigerSwan and they reported their findings to NWCU’s Chief Information Officer Aaron Beldner, who then presented the findings at the Board meeting on February 22, 2017.  Through this audit, we are able to maintain and upgrade our systems to keep them safe from potential outside intrusions.

Another primary function of the Supervisory Committee is to oversee the Internal Audit Director.  As such, we meet with the Audit Director on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year and review the internal audit department reports and follow-up on issues noted.  Complaints regarding the Credit Union are directed to our committee and we monitor the responses to these complaints. 

Our Committee places strong importance on the safety and soundness of credit union assets and we invite questions and comments from members.  While working with the Credit Union’s Executive Management Team, we will continue to oversee the security of all member accounts and assets.

The Supervisory Committee would also like to compliment the Management Team and Credit Union Staff for their commitment to excellence in the performance of their duties and their willingness to work with the Internal Auditor and the Supervisory Committee towards our common goals.