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Business Lending

Local lending decisions for local businesses.
From small purchases to large, we can build a loan or credit line to fit
your company's needs. We have a variety of lending products to help
our local business owners get the things that they need to be successful.
We make sure that your company gets the best rates possible and the
same great credit union service that you get for your personal accounts.


Questions? Email us at BusinessServices@nwcu.com

Account How its used
Lines of Credit Balance your cash flow needs with this ready source of short-term funds. A line of credit can be unsecured or secured by real estate, a deposit account or a major asset. Our business members commonly use their business line of credit to cover short-term cash needs until accounts receivable can be collected in order to take advantage of supplier discounts or cover seasonal working capital needs.
Term and Equipment Loans Term loans help a business purchase items that will eventually pay for themselves. The source of repayment is often generated by increased cash flow from these assets. Our business members commonly use term loans for things like machinery, vehicles, equipment, furniture, fixtures, making leasehold improvements, adding to long-term working capital or expansion and modernization projects. The loan period is determined by the productive life of the assets. For example, loans used to buy computers will be shorter in duration than those used to purchase manufacturing equipment.
Commercial Real Estate Loans We offer very competitive financing for commercial real estate, including the purchase of existing buildings or refinancing current loans. These loans use the property as the required collateral. Our business members often use them for purchasing commercial properties, rental housing, apartment complexes, combination business/residential properties, financing construction projects and land developments. Your real estate transaction is unique, so we offer flexible programs. Commercial real estate loans are amortized over a set period of time, up to 25 years, with payments and interest rates fixed for three to five years.
Business Credit Cards
Earn points on your everyday business expenses and reward yourself for a job well done.
Our Northwest Business Rewards cards feature:
• No annual fees
• No balance transfer fees
• Earn 10,000 bonus points on your first purchase
• Double points for the first 90 days
• Authorized users may also redeem rewards