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What we consider a "third party site"

We define a “third party site” as a website that we are not directly affiliated with and where we do not control any of the content. We usually provide a link to a third party site when we think our visitors may find the site interesting or informative, but the inclusion of the link on our website should not be taken as an endorsement of that website. We do our best to research the authenticity and safety of a website before we post a link to it, but since we don't control the content, we cannot guarantee any part of your experience at that third party site.

How you'll be informed that you're about to visit a "third party site"
When we link to a third party site (as defined above), we want you to know you are leaving our site and that the site you are about to visit is not under our control. When possible, a Javascript alert will pop up notifying you that you’re leaving our site. When the javascript alert is not possible, there will be a "third party link" notice on the page. When we link to an affiliated site where we do control content, we will not give you this alert or notice. All links to other sites, affiliated or not, will open in a new window.

Visitor's responsibilities
Even though your visit to a website might begin at Northwest Community's website, you subsequently interact with that website at your own discretion. When you visit an unaffiliated third party site to which we have linked, we are not responsible for any content, webcasting or any other form of transmission received from the site, nor are we responsible if the linked site is not working properly or appropriately. Any dealings that you have with the unaffiliated third party site and their operators (including advertisers), including the delivery of and payment for goods and services, and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings are solely between you and the third party. Northwest Community Credit Union shall not be held responsible or liable in any way for any part of such dealings.