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 Routing Number: 323276524

Are you prepared for the Eclipse?

We care about the safety of our members. Please take care and plan in advance if you are traveling Oregon  roadways on Monday, August 21st.


What You Can Do to Prepare

  • Prepare for crowds, lines and traffic. Be patient. Plan ahead; communicate your plan in advance with family  or friends.
  • Leave early to arrive on time, wherever you are headed. Reschedule non-critical appointments.
  • Obtain a full tank of gas prior to the time visitors begin to arrive in the area. Plan for lines. Expect fuel supply at some stations to run low; don't delay your refill.
  • Have an emergency kit and an emergency plan: Keep snacks, water and first-aid supplies in your vehicle.


More Tips for Eclipse Safety

We hope you will enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience and stay safe!