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 Routing Number: 323276524

Routing Information

Our routing (ABA) number is 323276524.
You will need this number and your account number to set up
automatic payments and deposits to your account. Direct Deposit
and Electronic Funds Transfers (also sometimes called EFT or ACH—
automated clearing house) can be easily set up. Below is some
information to help you set up your automatic transfers.

Routing numberOur routing (ABA) number is 323276524. You can also find this number on the bottom of your checks.
Account numberEach of your accounts at Northwest Community has its own specific account number that is different than your member number. This account number can be found on the bottom of your checks (for checking accounts) or on your statement (for all accounts). You will need this number to set up direct deposits or automatic withdrawals.
Direct deposit request formMost employers require you to fill out a request form to set up your direct deposit. If your employer doesn't specify a direct deposit form to you, you may use our generic Direct Deposit Request Form. Many government payment programs (like Social Security) require their own forms to initiate direct deposit. Check with your agency for their requirements.
Automatic Electronic Payment Request formWhile most companies allow you to request automatic electronic payments online or over the phone, some may require a form. If the company does not provide you with a form, you may use your generic automatic payment request form.