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 Routing Number: 323276524

Most frequently Asked questions and answers

How do I get started with online banking?

What is the Northwest Community routing number?

Answer: 323276524

This number is used when you pay bills or have checks deposited electronically to your account at Northwest Community. You might hear it referred to as a routing, ABA or Bank Transit number. It can also be found on the bottom of your checks if you have a Northwest Community checking account. Learn more about routing numbers and electronic transfers.

Does Northwest Community lend to Businesses?

Yes, many types of business entities, DBA's, Sole Proprietorships, LLC's, S-Corps.

What size of commercial loans can Northwest Community do?

From $5,000 Business Visa cards to $5 million commercial real estate loans.

Does Northwest Community do SBA loans?

Yes, we partner with SBA to perform SBA 504 Commercial Real Estate loans.

Does Northwest Community do Business Deposit Accounts?

Yes, each branch can assist in setting up the right business account for you.

Does Northwest Community do Merchant Services?

Yes. We use OMEGA Processing Solutions to provide members with merchant service abilities.

Can NWCU help me pay my employees with direct deposit?

Yes, we can provide ACH services for direct deposit payroll.

Who can apply for internal only postings?

An internal candidate is defined as a current Northwest Community Credit Union employee (full-time and part-time regular employees). Temporary employees and interns are not considered internal candidates.

How do I apply for a job?

To apply for an open position, please submit the required application documents in one of the following ways: 

  • Email hradmin@nwcu.com
  • Mail to:
    Attention: Human Resources
    Northwest Community Credit Union
    PO Box 70225
    Springfield OR 97475-0145

How long is my application good for?

Your application is good for the life of the position. Once the position has been successfully filled, applications submitted for that position are filed appropriately.

When will I hear about the status of my application?

Due to the volume of applications, we are unable to contact every applicant upon receipt of their application and about the status of their application as we move through the recruitment process. Please know we highly value your interest in working at Northwest Community Credit Union. The hiring manager will contact you if your knowledge, skills and abilities are a desirable addition to our team.

I want to apply for more than one position, do I have to fill out another application?

Yes. A separate application must be filled out for every position you would like to apply for. This insures the hiring manager receives all applications for their position.

What benefits do you offer employees?

Our benefits packages are based on part-time, full-time, or exempt status. Please see the pdf that corresponds with the position you are applying for.