Financial Awareness

The list of retailers keeps growing: Apple, Target, Michael's, Neiman Marcus, Home Depot, Albertson's and most recently, JP Morgan Chase join the number of large companies experiencing major consumer data breaches.

If you don’t feel vulnerable, you might not have a debit or credit card.

When Northwest Community member Leonard Johnson and his wife wanted to purchase a home, they  found history on their credit report that would prevent them from getting the loan they had in mind.

Ann White,financial advisor with Northwest Community’s Financial Resources - Cetera Advisor Networks,brings the positive outlook of planning to families with special needs.

“I really like the fact that financial planning is, at its core, a helping profession,” said Ann White, who provides Northwest Community members financial advice through Cetera Advisor Networks, member FINRA/SIPC, serving Cottage Grove and North Bend.

“More than anything else, I enjoy seeing people take control of their financial picture, because so many aspects of life flow through it,” said White.

Cetera Advisor Jon Mainard coaches financial strategies

Are you comfortable with the amount of risk in your portfolio?

“It’s a revealing question I like to ask anyone who’s evaluating their personal need for financial planning. It informs each of us,” said Northwest Community Credit Union’s Jon Mainard, who is a Financial Advisor serving Medford and Grants Pass, Oregon.

“I can expect a whole range of responses,” said Mainard. Answers potentially cover a spectrum of situations, from those who are just beginning to explore a plan to save for retirement, to those who are very experienced investors.

Paul Whitley, financial consultant with Northwest Community’s Cetera Advisor Networks, maps key areas of insurance within the personal financial picture.

Financial strategies are easily understood as the management of surplus wealth or as a means of forecasting investment performance— with the goal of improving our future financial picture. 

Insurance strategies are used in managing risk to extend and protect these investments, savings, or other assets we’ve gained as part of a well-constructed financial program. Paul Whitley with Northwest Community’s Cetera Advisor Networks, helps Northwest Community members think differently about mapping key areas of insurance within the personal financial picture.

Financial Network’s Patti Oleson, CFP® helps members create the plan that leads to inspired living.

When Bob and Patti Oleson took a six month sabbatical and toured Central Mexico and Central America in 1997, their goal was to identify a warm place to spend winter months during retirement. In Ajijic, near Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, they felt they’d found an ideal location, high in the mountains.

Craig Jackson, financial advisor with Northwest Community’s Financial Resources - Cetera Advisor Networks, helps clients put current financial trends in perspective.

The first month of 2013 brought on an emerging market rally in the United States markets.

Telling the story of your financial picture sets the scope for a plan. 

Communication could be one of the key ingredients in building a plan for managing any stage of your financial life, according to Kate Gardner Lange, Financial Consultant with Cetera Advisors.