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100% Purchase Financing Provides Local Help for Borrowers

For some, home ownership has been a goal slightly out of reach. Many feel daunted by the process, while others are just short of the cash required.

Now there’s help with both at Northwest Community Credit Union.


Make a New Year's resolution to budget new financial confidence!

We know we need to do it. And every year around the first week of January, budgets and the willpower to stick to them appear right next to fitness programs and calorie counting on the list of resolutions for the new year.

Home values are rising again, foreclosures are at lowest levels since 2006, and home sales have increased at double digit rates, according to the White House fact sheet on housing released August 5th. *

The net effect of all this good news? You may be surprised to find new equity in your home property. 

“The heightened housing demand in late Spring really tightened the available supply of homes. This has also pushed a rapid home price increase in some markets in Oregon, said Russ Bernardo, Northwest Community Credit Union Real Estate Lending Manager.