Northwest Parents

Lowell Students Look at Money Decisions in Life

“Food is so expensive! I cannot believe my mom and dad do this all the time!”

“OHHHhhhhh, so THESE are the bills my parents are always referring to!”

“Man, I am NOT putting my phone anywhere near water, AT ALL. It's too expensive to replace!”

When we create more chances to practice, we give kids more chances to succeed with learning how to handle money. Try using a phased approach throughout early childhood and into the teen years:

Phase I: Yours, Mine, and Ours
Concepts of these and those. Mine, yours. Preschool children begin to clean up after themselves, learn sorting behavior, and share freely. They express wanting toys or goods that are bought. Money is given as gifts.
     • Sample activity: Moonjar™

About the MOONJAR™

Use your Northwest Community Moonjar™ with your child to:
• Set, achieve goals by budgeting money for spending, saving and sharing
• Understand how to use and think about money
• Establish a foundation for long-term security and independence