Moonjar™ Guide to Getting Started

About the MOONJAR™

Use your Northwest Community Moonjar™ with your child to:
• Set, achieve goals by budgeting money for spending, saving and sharing
• Understand how to use and think about money
• Establish a foundation for long-term security and independence


1.  GET TOGETHERMake sure everyone has a Moonjar™ moneybox set and find a comfortable place to camp out. You may want to bring some supplies (scissors, magazines, pens, calculator, coins, etc.)

2.  ASSEMBLE YOUR MONEYBOXES. Pick a flat moneybox and shape it following the folds. Find the bottom flap and press it downward until it locks into place. Then close the top flaps over each other and insert the tab. One box down, two more to go!

3. PICTURE YOUR DREAMS. Encourage your child to choose some things he or she wants or cares about. They could be actual objects or things like vacations or events. Then make these wishes into reality with drawn or cut-out pictures. Attach the pictures to the boxes—things to spend money on, things to save for, and people to share with. Offer examples of things your family already does, such as volunteering support to local food banks, libraries, neighborhood projects, or your place of worship.

4. BUILD YOUR BUDGET.  Discuss where your child’s money will come from. Weekly allowances, earnings from chores, and gifts are all income possibilities.

5. DIVVY IT UP.  Talk about how much money should go into each Moonjar™ moneybox. Write the percentages on the top of each box. Then talk about how you make the same choices with the family budget. For older children, emphasize how savings helps set aside some money for the long-term and the unexpected.

6. NAIL DOWN SAVINGS. Saving money can be as difficult for children as it is for adults. Bring up your own stories about saving and be honest about how you meet challenges or sacrifices. Encourage your child to set realistic goals. Early successes go a long way. But don’t forget to discuss the power of saving for the long-term. It’s never too early to start! 

7. USE YOUR MOONJAR™ MONEYBOXES. Calculate and divide the money into each Moonjar™ moneybox. The passbook is a great way for your child to keep track of deposits and withdrawals and, most importantly, his or her progress.

8. MOVE THAT MONEY.  Help your child establish routines – Make regular trips to Northwest Community to deposit funds. When your child deposits or withdraws money, cheer that success! Whether it’s buying a much anticipated item, depositing a large sum, or giving from the sharing box, having a dream turn into reality can create a proud moment.

9. KEEP THE CONVERSATION ALIVE.  Moonjar™ is a great tool to foster family discussion about money. Periodically check in with your child about his or her choices. Encourage your child to redecorate the moneyboxes to achieve new goals.