Uncommon Oregonians

Mallory Stephens, Consumer Loan Processor
Employee Since: 2016
Favorite Branch: Eugene Branch on West 11th
Loves Her: eBanking 

Uncommon Oregonians: Princess at Heart

When Mallory came to work at Northwest Community Credit Union, we didn’t know much more than what was on her resume. But that quickly changed. Mallory is a princess, at least in the eyes of her young daughter.

Trever Hawman, Uncommon Brewer
Member Since: 1999
Favorite Branch: Bend
Loves His: eBanking Smartphone App

Uncommon Oregonians: Über Brewer

Some historians believe that beer saved the medieval world when clean drinking water was hard to come by. Today’s microbrews have had an equally positive effect on Bend’s economy by creating jobs and encouraging tourism. Trever Hawman, owner and partner of Bridge 99 Brewery, has been part of that growth.

Russ Bernardo, Director of Mortgage Lending
Employee Since: 2008
Favorite Branch: Eugene Branch on West 11th
Loves His: Northwest Visa® Rewards Card

Billy Pruitt, World Famous Fishing Guide
Member Since: 2008
Favorite Branch: Springfield
Loves His: Northwest Visa® Rewards Card


The Duke of Dutch Ovens (and Fishing Trips)

When Billy Pruitt was growing up in Grants Pass, he knew he wanted to go into the family business. After all, everybody loves to go fishing. And with his dad and great uncle running folks down the Rogue and McKenzie Rivers throughout much of the last century, he had some great footsteps to follow.

Zach Bernardo, Resident Volunteer Firefighter and Full-Time Student
Member Since: 2012
Favorite Branch: Eugene
Loves His: Visa® Debit Card 



Virgle Osborne, Small Business Owner x3
Member Since: 1986
Favorite Branch: Roseburg
Loves His: Northwest Visa® Rewards Card

The Motivated Off-Road Maven

Owning a small business is a lot of work. Success requires long workdays, longer work nights, plenty of personal sacrifices, and a dose of financial risk. Now imagine owning three small businesses and you’ll quickly understand what kind of guy Virgle Osborne is and why he’s so uncommon.


Lori Adams, Band Mom
Member Since: 1996
Favorite Branch: Roseburg
Loves Her: Northwest Visa® Rewards Card


A little more than 140 Roseburg High School students hit the football field in their new marching band uniforms. Standing in formation, they began to play. The first notes of that brand new song propelled the audience on a journey.  

Pat Cross, Always-Busy Retiree
Member Since: 1978
Favorite Branch: Roseburg
Loves Her: eBanking


Starting as a child with her Chicago-area church and later with her first job as a lifeguard, Pat Cross has always cared about people. That caring attitude has shined bright as she raised a wonderful family, kept active in the community, and enjoyed a 17-year career with United Community Action Network’s Head Start program.