Uncommon Oregonians: Hilary Seliger

Hilary Seliger, Business Owner and Busy Mom
Member Since: 2016
Favorite Branch: Redmond Branch
Loves Her: Northwest Visa® Rewards Card


Uncommon Oregonians: the Renaissance Woman

Hilary Seliger isn’t your typical mom. She isn’t your typical business owner, either. Hilary is a renaissance woman. She was once a police officer who now runs the financial side of her family’s excavation and grading company. When necessary, Hilary digs ditches, hand grades terrain, bids every project, and still finds time to take the kids to school and help with their homework. 

Hilary and her husband own Hilltop Excavation and Grading in Redmond. They excavate, prep for new home builds, install septic systems, and move a lot of dirt and other materials.

This isn’t their first rodeo. Before the recession, the couple owned another excavation company that had grown to employ a handful of people. But when the housing market crashed, so did their company. The family moved to Medford and her husband took construction jobs where he could find them, which meant traveling all over the Northwest and beyond. That’s when Hilary became a police officer.

“It was my favorite job ever,” Hilary said with pure enthusiasm. “I ended up working for the Central Point Police Department and Siskiyou County Sheriff Department.”

The job was demanding, requiring she put in long hours. She often found herself working nights, which required that she find someone to stay home with the kids. 

“It was the hardest decision of my life to leave that career. But we wanted to go back to Central Oregon and start our own business again.”

That decision seems to have been a good one. The Redmond-based company has taken off along with the booming housing market. For Hilary, this is her chance to be more integral to the success of the business and ensure that her family is always nearby.  

“I may have taken on too much, but it’s working. I’m part of every step. My husband does the operations and I do everything else, including working with the client to make sure we do everything they need. I also do all the finances.”

Hilary came to Northwest Community Credit Union for her business and quickly moved all of the family’s accounts here as well.

“We were with a big bank before but wanted to go with something local. We wanted to go somewhere that knew us by name. Within a week I had all of our accounts at Northwest Community. We even took out an auto loan and got a Northwest Visa® Rewards Card. We plan to do something big with all the rewards points we’re earning. We might even get theme park tickets for the family.”

At Northwest Community Credit Union, we celebrate our uncommon members. Like us, Hilary knows the importance of family, hard work, and dedication. So whether she’s keeping her business running smooth with her Northwest Visa® Rewards Card, or spending time with the family on an outdoor adventure, we’re proud to be part of her busy day and her company’s continued success.