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Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Certificates of Deposit (also known as CDs,
Time Deposits, or Term Share Certificates)
a great way to save money and earn interest,
and are great for long-term savings goals.
CDs often offer better interest rates than savings
accounts. How much your CD earns depends
on which type you choose, how much you deposit
and the length of the CD. We also offer IRA versions
of our CDs.

Compare Certificates of Deposit

CD Type Term Lengths Min. to Open APY* Range
Traditional CDs

Design a CD to fit your plans. You pick the term and the amount of deposit (starting with as little as $500).

CD LengthRate RangeAPY* Range
3 Months0.150% to 0.150%0.15% to 0.15%
6 Months0.300% to 0.300%0.30% to 0.30%
12 Months0.399% to 0.399%0.40% to 0.40%
18 Months0.648% to 0.648%0.65% to 0.65%
24 Months0.747% to 0.747% 0.75% to 0.75%
36 Months1.243% to 1.243%1.25% to 1.25%
48 Months1.490% to 1.490%1.50% to 1.50%
60 Months1.736% to 1.736%1.75% to 1.75%


3 months to 60 months $500 .15% to 1.75%
Save to Win

When you participate in Save to Win, you'll be entered in monthly and quarterly prize drawings every time you deposit $25! Learn more about how to enter and see the full rules and disclosures.

12 months $25 0.35%
Bump-up CDs

Bump it up.  This certificate is a good choice if you're concerned that future rates will climb ahead of current rates. Bump CDs let you demand a raise if rates go up after you open a CD. Just say "bump it up," and we'll raise your APY to our prevailing rate.

CD LengthRate RangeAPY* Range
25 Month Bump0.549%0.55%
37 Month Bump1.045%1.05%
49 Month Bump1.292%1.30%
61 Month Bump1.539%1.55%


25 months to 61 months $500 0.40% to 1.55%
Variable Rate Add-On CDs


Add on any time.  Like a savings account, this CD allows you to "Add-On" (make additional deposits of any amount) at any time during it's 24 month term. And to help your rate keep up with prevailing competitive rates, we adjust the rate on a quarterly basis.

CD LengthRate RangeAPY* Range
24 Months0.797%>0.80%


24 months $500 0.80%
Youth Add-On CDs


A great saving opportunity for our youth members. Like a savings account, this CD allows youth to “Add On” (make additional deposits of any amount) at any time during the 12 month term. Plus, for youth, this CD is only $100 to open.

CD LengthRate RangeAPY* Range
12 Months0.399% to 0.399%0.40% to 0.40%


12 months $100 0.40%

A CD with the advantages of an IRA.  Our Traditional, Bump-up, and Variable-Rate Add-On CDs come in IRA types, too. IRA CDs give you the guaranteed dividends of a CD, plus the tax advantages of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). When your IRA CD matures, you can transfer it into another IRA or let it continue to renew.

IRA CD TypeRate RangeAPY* Range
IRA Traditional CDs0.200% to 1.785%0.20% to 1.80%
IRA Bump CDs0.598% to 1.588%0.60% to 1.60%
IRA Add-On CDs0.847%0.85%


3 months to 60 months $500 0.20% to 1.80%