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Savings Accounts

Financial security starts with savings. 
That’s why every member at Northwest Community has at least one
savings account.

Whether you’re saving for a child’s college education, building your
retirement nest egg, or just saving for a rainy day, we’ve got a solution
to fit your savings plan. If a Certificate of Deposit or Money Market
fits your life better, we have those too. And if you're looking
for something you don't see here, just contact us. We want to help
you save.

Compare Savings Accounts

Title Monthly Fee Min. to Open Interest*
Youth Savings

Youth membership (for children under the age of 18) begins with this account. Once a child is a member, they can participate in our youth programs which help young people learn financial wisdom. 


  • Opportunity to earn interest on balances
  • Low minimum to open to help more youth start saving at an early age
None $0 up to 0.10% APY
Tomorrow Savings

Use a Tomorrow Savings account to keep your savings separated. Our tomorrow accounts are the perfect way to keep track of your individual savings goals. Taxes, College, Vacation, and Down Payments are just a few examples. You can even give each of these accounts a separate name so they are easy to identify on your statement.


  • Keep your savings goals separate
  • Still have the opportunity to earn interest on balances
None $1 up to 0.10% APY
Individual Retirement (IRA) Savings
If you're looking for tax advantages, an IRA may be a good solution for you. (A tax consultant can help you explore your options.) There is a maximum amount that can be deposited in a given year, but these accounts typically offer better earnings than you'll find with other savings accounts. Our Individual Retirement Savings Accounts are available as Traditional and Roth IRAs.
None $250 up to 0.20% APY
Regular Savings

Membership at Northwest Community begins with this account. All adult members are required to open and maintain this account in order to take advantage of any credit union product or service.


  • Access to many free services
  • Potential to earn interest
  • Can be used as an overdraft protection account if you keep an adequate balance
  • Establishes credit union membership allowing you to vote and run for our board of directors
None $10 up to 0.10% APY