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Debt Consolidation Options

Each person's situation is different. This being the case, no single
loan or credit line is suited for every debt reduction or consolidation
need. While many of our loans or credit lines are great solutions for
refinancing existing debt, we find it most useful for you to talk with one
of our Member Service Specialists
, who make it their business to know
all of the best ways to get debt under control. Below are some ways
that our members have used our lending solutions to refinance existing

Ways we help members reduce and consolidate debt

OptionHow it's been used for debt consolidation
Refinance your homeIf you own or are buying your home, refinancing your current mortgage may be an option for consolidating other debts. After all, mortgage loans usually offer the lowest possible rate, plus tax advantages.** Contact a mortgage specialist to explore refinancing options and see if this might be a debt consolidation solution for you.
Tap into home equityIf you have equity in your home, one of our home equity loans or credit lines might be a solution to check into. We offer a variety of home equity loans and lines which may come with tax advantages**.
Refinance with a Northwest Visa Credit CardOur Visa cards give you an extraordinary advantage when it comes to balance transfers. Since there's no sneaky introductory rates, no annual fee and no cash advance fee or rate increase, Northwest Visa cards offer a truly low-cost way to pay down those higher-rate debts that you have elsewhere.
Check into Automobile EquityOn occasion, we can allow people with limited credit opportunities to use vehicle equity value to secure a loan. Using a vehicle as collatoral on a secured loan can help a struggling member pay off other debts at a much more affordable rate. Ask us about it!
Debt reduction assistanceAny Northwest Community member can access our confidential financial counseling and education for free through BALANCE. Check out some of the very useful services that BALANCE provides.


 All loans subject to approval. Terms and conditions may vary depending on your employment status, credit history, the type of collateral used and your ability to repay the loan. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on our loan products are subject to change. Visit a branch or call for assistance.
**Talk to a tax professional about the tax advantages that may be possible with a mortgage or home equity loan/line.