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Learn to Save, Share, and Shoot for the Moon!

When you Shoot for the Moon with Northwest Community, receive

• Quarterly family newsletter with fun money-handling practice steps 
• Suggested activities for dream-building inspiration that leads kids to set goals—and reach them.
• High-Fives for Financial Success—When your child visits the branch to make a deposit, they’ll receive stickers and congratulations from our team: Well done!

Northwest Community's Moonjar™

Be sure to collect your own savings teaching tool called the Moonjar™  Northwest Community Credit Union Moonjars

When you and your child open a Youth Shares account, pick up a Moonjar™ packet—Open carefully! Transform the pack into your set of three money boxes:  assemble and personalize with decoration and dreams.

The name Moonjar™ comes from the idea of “Shooting for the Moon” by creating big dreams, along with the age-old tradition of using a slotted container for storing money.

Work together as a team to put the boxes together, and get ready to Save, Share, and Spend!

Resources for Northwest Parents 
Guide to Getting Started with the Moonjar™ 
Getting Ready for the Big Ideas of Handling Money 
Popular Digital Money Practice Tools, Pre-school to Young Adult