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 Routing Number: 323276524

Our branch location at 3535 SW 21st Place in Redmond is closing permanently on March 24, 2017. We know a location change means adjustment and we regret the inconvenience this may cause our members in central Oregon. We'll work with you to help you find financial solutions that work for your needs in this transition. 

Tools You'll Need

After the Redmond branch is closed, you'll have several options for accessing your NWCU accounts:

Free ATMs for NWCU Members

You can continue to access the ATM at the Redmond branch even after the branch is closed. We'll maintain the ATM until we can find a new location or a new tenant takes over the branch.

You can search for CO-OP ATMs on our Locations page. Here's a list of CO-OP ATMs in the Redmond area that are free for NWCU members:


  • Mid-Oregon FCU, 365 SE 5th Street


  • 7-Eleven, 405 E 3rd Street
  • Mid-Oregon FCU, 305 NE Hickey Farms Road


  • SELCO Community CU, 300 NW Oak Tree Lane
  • Mid-Oregon FCU, 1235 NW Canal Blvd
  • Mid-Oregon FCU, 531 SW 5th Street
  • 7-Eleven, 1209 W Highland Avenue
  • Rite Aid, 1514 SW Highland Avenue
  • SELCO Community CU, 825 SW 17th Street
  • OnPoint Community CU, 1380 SW Canal Blvd Suite 105
  • Mid-Oregon FCU, 2030 SE College Loop
  • Mid-Oregon FCU, 2625 SW 17th Street


  • Rays Food Place, 445 W Hwy 20
  • Mid-Oregon FCU, 703 N Larch

Warm Springs

  • Mid-Oregon FCU, 1236 Scout Drive

Why is the Redmond Branch Closing?

Our membership relies on us to make good business decisions, and sometimes that means we have to make changes to our existing branch network. We don't own the branch location and the end of our lease is an opportunity to manage our costs differently. Currently, the Redmond branch is not used enough to be profitable. 

We've worked with our Redmond employees to provide beneficial severance options; many are taking this opportunity to pursue new chapters in their career, home life, or training. These employees have provided wonderful service to our members, and we are incredibly grateful for their work.